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Gummi Bear Busts Out Of Rehab Show -- Almost

Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis tried to escape from Celebrity Rehab 4, as I wrote about in a previous post. But his highly developed escape plot, which involved a strip club and was as complex and well planned as a game of tic-tac-dough, was thwarted when his getaway car mysteriously got away without him, leaving him standing there on the sidewalk in front of the Pasadena Recovery Center.

His roommate, Jason Wahler -- the so-called reality-TV train wreck best known for doing -- err, wooing the insanely beautiful Lauren Conrad on Laguna Beach and The Hills, as well as being thrown in the clink a few times --- was planning to leap over the fence and join Davis. We see him smoking in the "smoke garden" while waiting for the car to beep its horn, the predetermined signal for him to pull a Spidey, but then, as noted, the car split, and Wahler disappeared inside, as did Gummi, but only Gummi was "caught" by Will Smith, not the rapper/actor, but the big burly guy who …

Gordon Ramsay: A New Yorker With a Brit Accent

UPDATE: This was a first! The latest episode of Ramsay's Best Restaurant features two Chinese restaurants. The chefs were screaming in Chinese in the kitchens of both restaurants while whipping their dishes up during the first part of the show. But Gordon doesn't speak Chinese, so he was left standing there looking like a lost puppy. He so much wanted to join in on all the yelling and screaming -- but couldn't get a word in! He was reduced to shouting: "Why is there so much yelling going on in this kitchen!" Eventually he found a theme to put his voice behind: a lack of seasoning on the dishes being served, a problem, ironically, in both restaurants, it turned out.

But it was so hilarious, seeing Gordon nearly impotent for a little while.

One amusing note: the names of the chefs of one of the two kitchen teams were You and Yu, and their signature dish was ... Wagyu. It was a simple near-alliteration (is there such a thing?)  that sounded charmingly funny coming o…

Celebrity Rehab: Why Would They Do It?

From the website for Celebrity Rehab 4: "Addiction specialist Dr. Drew returns for a FOURTH season of Celebrity Rehab to once again face the intense task of helping a new group of celebrity patients in their quest for sobriety.

"As the patients check in, Dr. Drew first lands them at the Pasadena Recovery Center, then meets with them individually to examine the role that their addictions play in their lives. As the patients detox and the intense physical and emotional withdrawal begins, one of the patients suffers from a severe panic attack and even contemplates suicide."

My chief question is, Why in the world would a celebrity, or anyone for that matter, put themselves through the embarrassment of starring on a TV program that will show them at their absolute worst, and I don't say that lightly: These celebrities -- and we are really pushing the term for many of these cast members, such as Jason Davis, who nobody but, and maybe Perez Hilton seem to…

Enough! Let Roman Polanski Come Home

His mother died in a Nazi concentration camp; his father was rounded up as well, but survived. The "he" in question, a mere wisp of a child at the time, almost wound up in a camp, too, but the vicissitudes of fate had a different plan for him: He (Roman Polanski if you haven't figured it out yet) ended up in America, where he continued his film-making career, begun in Poland. Polanski has made some landmark films -- to put it one way -- works of art that will be watched and studied long after we and he are food for worms. An auteur in every sense of the word, Polanski is a cinematic genius.

But the dark side of fate, which destroyed his childhood and family, was not finished with him. Winning acclaim for himself as the director of the great Rosemary's Baby, among other films, and getting ready to settle down and start a family of his own (which would be free of Nazi terror), Polanski's life was again destroyed by the gods of dark fate when his pregnant wife, Sharo…

Dick Morris: Stupid or Stupid?

Dick Morris. I saw him tonight on Bill O'Reilly's show, which I don't usually watch. He, Morris, put on a lot of weight. Not exactly a meaningful, astute piece of analysis, my writing that he's grown fat, is pudgier in the face then he looked during the days when he worked on Bill Clinton's campaign. Yes, this conservative warlord worked both sides of the aisle and based his politics on his paychecks until a scandal knocked him on his ass. He then had to go through the inevitable evolutionary process to rehabilitate himself and find another job, which seems to be posing on talk shows as yet another right winger who knocks the left for a living; he also has a subscription-only website, as well as a "free" blog, called, originally enough, But, as he has worked for Republicans and Democrats, it is hard to hear him criticize any political party without him seeming the hypocrite.

"...based on what he said, one can only conclude he is an emp…

Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Show A Paranoid Fantasy

I have written before about former-Minnesota governer/former-wrestler/former-actor and all-around He-Man Jesse Ventura and his TruTV "actuality" show Conspiracy Theory;  I wrote a tongue-in-cheek (and boy I am getting tired of hyphens) piece about how my Verizon Fios, for the first time since I had it installed, failed to record the premiere episode of Jesse's show last year. As I wrote in that post:

"I was watching—or trying to watch—the new television show ... the program kept scrambling and freezing up, and the audio kept dropping out. This has never happened to me while viewing a television program recorded via my trusty DVR. ... I simply could not get the show to play, pressing fast forward, rewind, stop, play, manipulating the remote to try to get it going. I gave up after a half hour." 
I was implying that someone -- the someone all conspiracy nuts fantasize about, the elusive man in black, who has all the answers, including who really shot JFK -- was tryi…

Tom Selleck's 'Fitz Special' Brings Reality to Blue Bloods

Is it me or does Tom Selleck's character Frank Reagan (NYC's fictional Police Commissioner) in Blue Bloods
remind you of the character A.J. Cooper, which he played on the now-cancelled but former hit show Las Vegas? Those of you who watched both shows will notice that both character's are wearing the same gun, which I thought was a 1911, but now, after watching an episode of Blue Bloods where it is specifically mentioned, I understand it is called a Fitz Special. (And I have been reading that he may have even worn the same pistol in Magnum P.I.; Selleck is a gun collector, I bet it is his own piece.) The website, a weapons-enthusiast site, offers some interesting insight into Selleck's understanding of guns, and the Fitz Special in particular. I quote:
"Anyways, as you are all aware I am sure Tom is a real gun guy.  I was watching an episode and…

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