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Hugo Boss Apologizes for Fashioning Nazi Uniforms

Will World War 2 ever end? Probably never. Every day new information surfaces, revelations espoused, holes filled.

Now we see another high-profile consumer goods company stepping forward, hat in hand. This one, Hugo Boss, which "has released a formal apology for outfitting Nazi soldiers during World War II," reports Entertainment News.
In the new book, Hugo Boss, 1924-1945: The History of a Clothing Factory During the Weimar Republic and Third Reich, author Roman Koester reveals the fashion house’s "historical activity, explaining that the company is responsible for clothing countless Nazis."
Hugo Ferdinand Boss, founder of the company, which he created in 1924, "never denied having provided millions of Nazi soldiers with uniforms. He maintained, however, that he only did so to 'protect his business from bankruptcy.' The book--financed by Hugo Boss itself, aiming to add 'clarity and objectivity to the discussion'--reveals the designer’s involv…

WW2 SAS Records to be Published in Book Form

Secret records from the earliest days of the Special Air Service (SAS) carrying out daring attacks behind Nazi lines in north Africa and France have been published in a new book marking the regiment's 70th anniversary. The tome includes first-hand reports from the special forces unit's disastrous first operation in November 1941, from which only 22 of the 65 soldiers who took part returned. It also features the succinct orders for an ambitious but unsuccessful mission to "kill, or kidnap and remove to England" German commander Field Marshal Erwin Rommel in France in 1944. The 600-page book, entitled The SAS War Diary 1941-45, collects rare and previously undisclosed documents detailing how the regiment was born out of fighting against Italian and German forces in the deserts of north Africa during the Second World War. It goes on to describe the elite unit's role in the invasions of Sicily and Italy, as well as in the D-Day landings in France. Read the full article: T…