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NYC -- How It Evolved from Most Dangerous City to Safest:

No one would argue that New York City is simply not the same city it was back during the 1970s to 1980s, and the results are good, crime wise, although there is something a bit boring and antiseptic about the city today.

In a book review there is a theory put forth explaining how this change happened -- and the book will surprise you. The New York of the film "Death Wish" is today a city out of Disneyland, if you ask me.

"In the 1970s, ’80s and early ’90s, New York was viewed as one of the world’s most dangerous metropolises — a cesspool of violence and danger depicted in gritty films like 'The Warriors' and 'Escape From New York.' Friends who lived here during that time talk of being terrified to use the subway, of being mugged outside their apartments, and an overwhelming tide of junkies. Thirty-one one of every 100,000 New Yorkers were murdered each year, and 3,668 were victims of larceny," the story says.

"Today, in an astonishing…

Kershaw on the Last Days of the Third Reich

In a SPIEGEL interview, the best-selling British historian Ian Kershaw talks about the last days of the Third Reich, why the Germans persevered when it was clear that all was lost and the devastating consequences of the failed July 20, 1944, attempt to assassinate Hitler.
SPIEGEL: Professor Kershaw, you have spent the last three years studying the collapse of Nazi Germany. In the end, are we left to shake our heads in amazement at the absurdity of the final phase, or do you, as a historian, also feel something akin to admiration for the perseverance of the Germans?
Kershaw: The head-shaking predominates, at any rate. I'm convinced that we English would have given up much earlier. It's certainly unusual for a country to continue fighting to the point of complete self-destruction. It's the sort of thing we usually see in civil wars, but not in conflicts in which hostile nations are at war with one another.
SPIEGEL: The question of why the Germans persevered for so long is the s…

Casey Anthony 'Assassination Attempt' Fake: Baez

"You may want to consider donning a pair of quality hip waders before delving into the latest Casey Anthony article in the National Enquirer, according to her lawyer," reports The Huffington Post.

"None of it is true," Anthony attorney Jose Baez told the website.

The article in question, "Casey Anthony Survives Assassination Attempt," appears in the tabloid's latest issue. The Enquirer reports that someone found 25-year-old Anthony's secret hideout in Florida and placed on her door a threatening note that read, "I know where you are, I'm coming to put a bullet through your brain."

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Proof! John Travolta Is a Vampire -- or Not

Everyone’s A Vampire From The Civil War - 2 - The Superficial:

A photograph of a man from the 1860s that resembles John Travolta and/or proves he's one of those time-traveling vampires.