Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Philip Carlo And The Quacking Duck

I recently read a hardcover book by organized-crime specialist scribe Philip Carlo about Anthony Gaspipe Casso, a fascinating, psychotic Luchese mobster, who I think is the first mobster in history to flip for the police, then flip back, only once you flip, you really can't flip back. So he is a mafiosi who was thrown out of the mob for deciding to turn state's evidence, only the state decided the evidence he provided wasn't strong enough to outweigh his crimes, which included the torture/murders of a lot of people.

This was the first and only book I know of that is devoted solely to Gaspipe, so it was with great enthusiasm that I arrived home and ripped it out of its paper bag—-and in no time at all, found so many errors, I actually got a pen and paper and began to list them. (I am a journalist, this is the kind of stuff we are compelled to do.)

These are among the notes I scribbled: "It's Joe Massino, not Massimo. Angelo 'Quack Quack' Ruggiero earned his sobriquet because he never shut up, not because he had an uncanny knack for dodging subpoenas. (The writer is confusing Ruggiero with former Luchese boss Tony “Ducks” Corallo, who earned his nickname due to his reputation for successfully “ducking” subpoenas. A duck quacks—-perhaps therein resides the writer's confusion?)"