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The Girl in the Blue Mustang

Just watched a repeat of The Girl in the Blue Mustang, on MSNBC's Dateline.

I am addicted to those shows: Dateline ID, 48 Hours, On the Case With Paula Zahn. It is amazing how popular this genre has become; you can find a murder docudrama on 24/7 these days thanks to all the channels available on cable. I am old enough to remember when 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13 were it – and 13 rarely.

Dark Net Browser Tor Hosts More "Revenge Porn"

Tor provides a safe way for you to enter and navigate the “dark net." It is an anonymizing web browser that once hosted the Silk Road, a former online drug market, and now seems to be the key promulgator of so-called Revenge Porn.

What is revenge porn? It is exactly what it sounds like. Revenge porn is usually recourse taken by a spurned lover, usually the man. To avenge his "broke heart," he uploads any sexually explicit images or videos of the woman in question. The smut usually includes the target's personal information, including the pictured individual's full name, links to Facebook and social media profiles and even, on occasion, home addresses. The resulting damage to a person's reputation, future relationships, and career can be quite severe, sometimes leading to additional real-world abuse of the victims.

Casey Anthony Vlog: YouTube

Courtesy of YouTube:

This is "the video" of Casey Anthony, talking shit. If she can formulate a complete thought in that empty head of hers, she certainly doesn't know how to verbally express it, that's for certain.