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Who is Jose Baez?

He is the lead attorney in the murder trial of the decade; he pushes the envelope and seems to be the “bad boy” of the courtroom, writes The Imperfect Parent. So just who is Jose Baez?
His website reads like a modern day Clarence Darrow, “Aggressive, experienced, trusted criminal defense.”

His introduction on the website says, “The Florida criminal defense attorneys at Baez Law Firm, with offices in Kissimmee, are committed to defending the rights of people accused of felonies and misdemeanors across Florida. Our attorneys are confident and dedicated trial lawyers who will work to protect your rights with aggressive defense.”

Yet the link that touts the attorney profiles that work for the Baez Law Firm goes nowhere.

Even the links to his success stories, “Mother accused of kidnapping,” “Taking on the Mayor,” ” State Trooper Cleared,” are dead links. In fact, all the links on the Website are dead, only the intro-page is accessible.

It would seem that Mr. Baez prefers to be an enigma, at …

Casey Anthony's Body Language Tells a Story

"Everyone is watching Casey Anthony's every move, including the jury, who will ultimately decide the 25-year-old mother's fate," reports The rest of the story follows:

But as everyone watches Casey during her murder trial, her body language seems to be painting a very different picture than it did nearly three years ago.

Casey has now been in court many times, and there has certainly been a growing difference in her appearance and mood.

From a physical perspective, Casey's hair is now much longer, she's gained a little bit of weight, and there has also been a change with how she interacts with other people in the courtroom.

Lately, we have not seen her joking, laughing or smiling.

According to body language expert Susan Constantine, that's because there is now a lot more at stake. Now that she's on trial for murder, it's more real.