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Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Show A Paranoid Fantasy

I have written before about former-Minnesota governer/former-wrestler/former-actor and all-around He-Man Jesse Ventura and his TruTV "actuality" show Conspiracy Theory;  I wrote a tongue-in-cheek (and boy I am getting tired of hyphens) piece about how my Verizon Fios, for the first time since I had it installed, failed to record the premiere episode of Jesse's show last year. As I wrote in that post:

"I was watching—or trying to watch—the new television show ... the program kept scrambling and freezing up, and the audio kept dropping out. This has never happened to me while viewing a television program recorded via my trusty DVR. ... I simply could not get the show to play, pressing fast forward, rewind, stop, play, manipulating the remote to try to get it going. I gave up after a half hour." 

I was implying that someone -- the someone all conspiracy nuts fantasize about, the elusive man in black, who has all the answers, including who really shot JFK -- was trying to stop people from watching the episode (I asked my readers if any else had had problems watching the show -- unsurprisingly, no one responded to my request.)

But now I see Mr. Ventura is seeking to drag the Montauk Monster back into the limelight, and I have lost all faith in this man and the show -- it is a bunch of fabricated crap. The Monster is not an experiment that washed up on the Montauk shores from Plumb Island; it is not a genetically created organism birthed by evil army scientists trying to create germ warfare and what-not. The Monster has been exposed a long time ago; reputable reports say it is the rotting corpse of an animal, most likely a dog, probably a Boxer.

When I saw a fast clip of that thing stuck in the sandy shores during a commercial for Jesse's show I reached for my remote and deleted my planned recording of not just the Plumb Island episode, but the entire Conspiracy series. I record a lot of shows and don't have enough space for B.S.

Here is a pic of the so-called Monster; not nice looking, but it is explainable, or I believe it is, anyways:

Is this a dead monster or the rotting carcass of a dog? You decide.


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