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Gummi Bear Busts Out Of Rehab Show -- Almost

I'm Gummi Bear and I don't need  rehab!
Jason " Gummi Bear" Davis tried to escape from Celebrity Rehab 4, as I wrote about in a previous post. But his highly developed escape plot, which involved a strip club and was as complex and well planned as a game of tic-tac-dough, was thwarted when his getaway car mysteriously got away without him, leaving him standing there on the sidewalk in front of the Pasadena Recovery Center.

His roommate, Jason Wahler -- the so-called reality-TV train wreck best known for doing -- err, wooing the insanely beautiful Lauren Conrad on Laguna Beach and The Hills, as well as being thrown in the clink a few times --- was planning to leap over the fence and join Davis. We see him smoking in the "smoke garden" while waiting for the car to beep its horn, the predetermined signal for him to pull a Spidey, but then, as noted, the car split, and Wahler disappeared inside, as did Gummi, but only Gummi was "caught" by Will Smith, not the rapper/actor, but the big burly guy who is often referred to as the muscle of the unit.

What - me worry?
But I ask, Is it fair he let Wahler slink away into his room without a reprimand, while Gummi was read the riot act and tested for various drugs even though he was gone from the clinic for about three seconds? And why didn't Wahler man-up and take his comeuppance with Davis?

But the real question is, Are the Jasons stupid or what?

They are on a television show. They are being filmed at all times. How can you escape from a TV show? Do they really not see the cameras?

Then the police show up and take Davis into a meeting room. I thought the unit had sicced them on him, but it turns out, it was the other way around! He seemed to have had someone contact the po-po to say he was being held against his will. "I don't want to start a war with these people," Davis said at one point when asked by a blur-faced officer what he wanted to do, and I wondered, this guy is a billionaire, could he snap his fingers and have the police close the recovery center down? Are the rich really that powerful? A scary thought (maybe an idea for my next novel). Could Davis have had everyone chained up and frog marched out? But then I thought about it. Chances are, the police knew full well what was up and were just playing along.

Then again, maybe this was a ploy to ramp up the drama on the show ... it be gettin' quite borin' mahn!!!


  1. I really enjoyed watching when he left him standing on the sidewalk in front of the Pasadena Recovery Center :)


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