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Dick Morris: Stupid or Stupid?

Dick Morris. I saw him tonight on Bill O'Reilly's show, which I don't usually watch. He, Morris, put on a lot of weight. Not exactly a meaningful, astute piece of analysis, my writing that he's grown fat, is pudgier in the face then he looked during the days when he worked on Bill Clinton's campaign. Yes, this conservative warlord worked both sides of the aisle and based his politics on his paychecks until a scandal knocked him on his ass. He then had to go through the inevitable evolutionary process to rehabilitate himself and find another job, which seems to be posing on talk shows as yet another right winger who knocks the left for a living; he also has a subscription-only website, as well as a "free" blog, called, originally enough, But, as he has worked for Republicans and Democrats, it is hard to hear him criticize any political party without him seeming the hypocrite.

"...based on what he said, one can only conclude he is an empty headed moron."
I myself am a "centrist," and will support almost anything that is governed by common sense and that will do the greatest good for the largest amount of people, which I guess includes expanding unemployment aid and shrinking tax cuts for people who need them like a hole in the head. It's a simple credo, I admit, but it only seems so because I won't get into nuances here: I wish to write about Dick, his appearance on "the Factor" and how, based on what he said, one can only conclude he is an empty headed moron.

Do any of you remember when Dick worked for then-Presidential-candidate Bill Clinton? And, more importantly, do you perhaps recollect why he stopped (about five seconds before his boss was nominated to run)? Two words: toe sucking.

Let me quote extensively from, then tell you the real story:

"On August 29, 1996, Morris resigned from the Clinton campaign after tabloid reports stated that he had been involved with a female prostitute, Sherry Rowlands, as reported by the Washington Post. A New York tabloid newspaper, the Star, had obtained and published a set of photographs allegedly of Morris and the woman on a Washington, D.C., hotel balcony. News of the impending publication broke during the third day of the 1996 Democratic Convention. The Electronic Telegraph reported unverified claims that in order to impress the woman, S. Rowlands, Morris invited her to listen in on his conversations with President Clinton. [8][9][10] It was also alleged he had an illegitimate child from an affair with a Texas woman.[11]

"Morris resigned on the same day that Bill Clinton spoke and accepted the nomination at the Democratic National Convention. In his resignation statement, he said that "while I served I sought to avoid the limelight because I did not want to become the message. Now, I resign so I will not become the issue."[12] In his response, President Clinton praised Morris as a "friend", and thanked him for his years of service. Privately various aides to Clinton were furious that in his resignation statement Morris credited himself with helping the President "come back from being buried in a landslide" and that Morris ended by comparing himself to Robert Kennedy.[13]

Morris was featured on two consecutive covers of Time magazine. The September 2, 1996 issue, which was released before the prostitute story broke, featured Morris as "The Man Who Has Clinton's Ear."[1] The following week, the cover featured Morris and his wife, Eileen McGann, and the headline read "The Morris Mess: After the Fall."

Here's the real story now, meaning a little more detail about the prostitute, courtesy of an article on

"A tabloid newspaper had obtained and published a set of photographs of Morris and Rowlands on a Washington, DC hotel balcony. Accompanying the photo layout was Rowlands' story of the casual affair, including the revelation of Morris's favorite sexual fetish was toe-sucking [1]. The article also revealed that Morris had allowed Rowlands to listen in on phone calls with the President, and had given her a copy of a campaign speech before it was delivered."

So this insecure, toe-sucking, bloated, two-faced political hack thinks he can sit there, and from his lofty perch (, condemn the President of the United States as being either a.) stupid or b.) a socialist. That was the gist of his criticism of Obama, the headline on the talking points memo he probably wrote for himself that morning over his breakfast.

"The President is either stupid or a socialist."

And this is his other giant revelation:

"When the Left wins power, it loses momentum. When the Left loses power, they gain momentum.

"Now that Obama is a Centrist [because of the compromise bill on tax cuts and unemployment], the Left is empowered and will attack Barack." The Left will gain traction in the polls, fueling a left-wing primary. Now get ready for the killer conclusion, the point he was leading up to: "Then, Hillary will come in."

Now, as for Obama, the idiot socialist, did you know he wants to take your home? That he wants to take over all private property? "He'd admit it to himself," DICK said. This, coming from a man who once compared himself to RFK when not slaloming his tongue up and down some whore's little piggies or fathering a child in another state.

What Morris is really talking about is the "redistribution" of wealth, which is right-wing code for raising taxes on the wealthy so they can't invest a couple extra million in a hedge fund, which might be a Ponzi scheme anyway, and cutting taxes for people who need money for really strange and silly reasons, like paying rent and buying formula for the baby. Morris is odious.

He's wrong, too. Doesn't he admit to himself he is being inconsistent? He criticizes Barack for being a centrist, then calls him a socialist (not in the communism mode, he points out, but rather like the British and French -- Western-style democracies other than the U.S.'s, in other words.)

So, Barack is a socialist who moved to the center, which means the Far Left in the form of Hillary Clinton will swoop down to challenge him in a primary before the next Presidential election.  Real pearls of wisdom. What a joy to be privy to DICK's innermost political thoughts. Doesn't the same thing happen to Republicans? If they stray too far to the center, out pop the Ross PEE-rows and Pat Buchanans.

Morris's opinions are trite, idiotic, confused and I can go on. But remember, O'Reilly only had DICK on his show to promote his (O'Reilly's) new book, which Morris reviewed on his PPV website. So O'Reilly was really only seeking publicity for himself; he wanted to discuss his book, not listen to Morris.

Does anyone want to listen to Morris anymore?


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