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Ford White House Edited Rockefeller Commission Report, Deleting Section on CIA Murder Plots

President Ford with his Chief of Staff Donald Rumsfeld (left)
and his deputy, Richard Cheney in 1975.  (Courtesy Gerald R. Ford Library)

REVISED: To my great surprise the mass media hasn't picked this story up, which is troubling....Our former VP Dick Cheney was involved in this up to his eyebrows. Someone should seeks some answers....
The Gerald Ford White House "significantly altered" the final report produced by the "supposedly independent" 1975 Rockefeller Commission, created to investigate CIA domestic activities.

The report was heavily edited to cast suspicion away from the CIA; the effort was carried out over the objections of senior Commission staff members.

Based on newly released White House and Commission documents the National Security Archives posted, an entire section, 86-pages addressing CIA assassination plots was deleted.

The report was further edited by then-deputy White House Chief of Staff Richard Cheney, former Vice President of the United States under President George W. Bush.

The NSA has released the entire section on assassination attempts, Cheney’s handwritten marginal notes, staff memos warning of the fallout of deleting the controversial section, and White House strategies for presenting the edited report to the public.

"The leadership of the presidentially appointed commission deliberately curtailed the investigation and ceded its independence to White House political operatives," noted a statement on the release of the documents.

"This evidence has been lying ignored in government vaults for decades..."

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was discovered to have plotted the murders of foreigners, including prominent leaders and heads of state, it was discovered in the 1970s.

The shockwaves this created along the corridors of power in Washington D.C. led to the creation of several investigations.

In 1975, the Rockefeller Commission and the Church Committee probed allegations of CIA involvement in assassinations.

President Gerald R. Ford, in a characteristic blunder (he was often filmed and photographed falling down), inadvertently revealed the CIA's involvement in plotting assassinations during a meeting with press editors!

Esquire hung Cheney on a peg for this one, noting:

There's no more valuable resource for an informed citizenry than the folks doing god's work at the National Security Archive at the George Washington University. Their most recent revelations concern the Rockefeller Commission, which was formed by the Ford Administration as a reaction to the New York Times stories in 1975 that broke the news of the CIA's misdeeds, up to and including covert assassinations. It seems that kindly old Gerry and his minions did all they could to ratfck the commission's report. And, lo and behold, you'll never guess who was leading the fcking of the rats. ...

Richard Cheney cares less about American democracy than he cares who he shoots in the face. And this has been true since he first crawled out of the primordial authoritarian soup. He would have been the perfect Hauptfuhrer*, the ideal Politburo conniver. He'd have risen high in the Stasi, and Pinochet would have had him over for Scotch and electrodes at least twice a week. And the great irony of this latest expose is that we can at least partly thank Oliver Stone for it.

Esquire also highlighted:

This evidence has been lying ignored in government vaults for decades. Much of the work of securing release of the records was done by the John F. Kennedy Assassinations Records Board in the 1990s, and the documents were located at the National Archives and Records Administration at College Park, Maryland; or at the Gerald R. Ford Library in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Additional mandatory declassification review requests filed by Archive fellow John Prados returned identical versions of documents, indicating the CIA is not willing to permit the public to see any more of the assassinations story than we show here. The documents in this set have yet to be incorporated into standard accounts of the events of this period.

* Methinks Esquire hath erred slightly.....

Hauptsturmführer was a Nazi Party paramilitary rank that was used in several Nazi organizations such as the SS, NSKK and the NSFK. The rank of Hauptsturmführer was a mid-grade company level officer and was the equivalent of a captain (Hauptmann) in the German Army and also the equivalent of captain in foreign armies.[1]

See more, including documents, here


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