Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Natasha Herzig Was Kidnapped, Forced into Prostitution

Human trafficking survivor Natasha Herzig tells stories of being kidnapped and forced into working as a prostitute, being moved around the country to service high paying clients and posing for porn.

Herzig also talks of being made to call her family and tell them she was fine.

I think it's disgusting and shameful what people have said about Natasha. We Americans are very repressed about sex and, let's face it, hypocrites when it comes to pornography, a multibillion-dollar business.

If no one watches porn, how is it a billion-dollar business?

Natasha was a porn star after she spent years working as a high priced escort against her will.

It takes a seriously psychologically screwed up ignoramus to say what "Bud" says below (the following comments were taken from the above video's YouTube page):

Bud Fox10 months ago
Her story has a lot of holes in it. Not buying everything she alleges.

Bud Fox10 months ago
She still looks like a porn star.

Bud Fox10 months ago
Someone this stupid was bound to become a hooker.

Bud Fox10 months ago
It was not her trafficker it was someone she called "daddy". She loved the game. Spyder has the game on speed dial. Much respect for your game player that was tight execution of pimpin.

DD S1 year ago
She's pornstar Tiffany Price and I refuse to believe she was forced into porn as well. She was on the reality show Gene Simmons Family Jewels two times. She was shown on national TV, she could have asked for some kind of help at that point, she didn't.

Slickis4 months ago
+TJ P She was outed and needed to do damage control like DD S said. Now everyone's jumping on board with her fabricated story.

getoffmypage4 months ago (edited)
In hindsight I changed my belief about this. Her tears are real, but I do not buy the abduction story either. The truth, according to me, is that she struggles living a normal life as an ex porn star because society sees her as a slut and a gold digger. In fact, many porn stars have problems building a normal life after their careers, because of that reason. They often do not want to have their real names published and try to erase all videos on the internet. How do you expect a man to genuinely love you if you sucked 500 cocks in your life? This woman had more penises in her mouth than snoop dogg had joints. Many girls in this industry have very deep issues and do it for the fame and attention. But after the career, they get to know the other side. And I think she is trying to justify her pornographic career by saying she was forced into it. Her tears are definitely real, but I do not think her story is real. Either way it does make sense

Natalie's story was recently presented on ID's House of Horrors: Kidnapped.

Natasha talks about the choices she made after her ordeal as well as how she uses her experiences to help others today.
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I am reading a fascinating book about sex trafficking, A Pound of Sugar, by L. M. Robinson it's fiction.

 I am going to ask the writer to write a story about the topic for this blog.

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Her book's Amazon synopsis:
A spontaneous trip to London spirals deep inside the vast world of brutal sex trafficking for two female friends when they decide to spend their first evening in Soho's red light district with two intriguing strangers.