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Act Two: Former Jersey Shore's Angelina in 'Mob Candy' Mag

At first blush, it looks like she blew it -- quitting not one but two seasons of Jersey Shore, which went on to become a mega hit. Angelina couldn't have known how successful the show would be when she walked out after a handful of episodes in the first season, but by season two, she should have known that, had she only sucked it up, she likely could've walked away with hugely profitable endorsement deals. But, as it turns out, she landed on her feet, though how high she goes now relies on her talent, her ability, not chance casting on a reality show.
As the High Low put it about season three of Jersey Shore: The show has made bona fide stars out of the group, with 8.45 million people tuning in to watch the show’s premiere.
Just look at Mike The Situation: According to Hollywood Reporter: "Breakout star Sorrentino (aka the Situation) has jumped at the opportunity to capitalize on his fame. By year's end [last year], the 29-year-old stands to earn more than $5 million, a source familiar with his finances told THR." And there are more seasons planned -- I think the cast is going to Italy, in fact (though if Mike will be with them is another matter -- see way below).

Snooki may be the one who really hit the jackpot though. Those pistachio nut commercials she appears in are part of a $20 million ad campaign by nut-grower Paramount Farms, according to the WSJ.

J-woww is hawking her own tanning-lotion line, among other things, including yoga videos and Ab Cut. Even Sammy, who was said to have the least development deals in the pipeline, at least has a fragrance going for her. See the supposedly full list here.

Angelina shores it up.
Angelina was annoying and arrogant -- we knew that before she even arrived at the Shore house and met her reality friends. But she seems to have embarked on a new career despite dropping out of the show and being replaced:

"Since quitting multiple seasons of Jersey Shore, Angelina has turned covergirl," according to Reality Geek (RealityGeek, the site proclaims, is your place to find out about Reality TV from the people that are actually on Reality TV. This isn't what a fan thinks happened "out there." This is what actually happened "out there" from the people that have been "out there.")

"Mob Candy Magazine just finished a photo shoot with New Jersey's controversial guidette. ...

"According to co-owner, Mafialife Chris, 'We do articles on historical mafia icons, and keep you in the loop on all of the pleasures the mobsters like, such as fashion, jewelry, cigars, cars, women, and more women! We do interviews with actors, tough guys, and people of power. We do reviews on mob movies, gangster books, games, gadgets, and anything that is considered gangster. If your a mob enthusiast, you do not want to miss this Magazine.' "

I for one don't want to miss the issue which includes her photo shoot; behind-the-scenes photos of the Mob Candy shoot can be seen via the Reality Geek link.

Mafialife Chris will be handing out 100 copies of the magazine signed by Angelina. To be one of those 100, just join the Facebook fan page at, follow his twitter@mafialifechris, or subscribe to the mailing list on the official mob candy blog at

Now, if they could only get J-woww on the cover...

Angelina also has a rap album out -- and I am sure I am missing a couple of things. 

As for The Situation -- he seems a little out of it in season three of J.S. Maybe it's me, but he kind of fades into the background, seems to be going through the motions. I figure, with all that dough-rey-mee he's pocketed, maybe he's planning on seeking greener pastures. I may be on to something:

A story on Pop Eater notes: According to E! Online, Sorrentino "is hoping to make the journey from Seaside Heights to Hollywood sooner rather than later."

"Hopefully by the end of the year, I'll be in a movie," said the 'Jersey Shore' star. "There's only so long you can rule the reality world."

"Maybe another year or so of reality, and then I'm gonna graduate to movies," said the former 'Dancing with the Stars' contestant. "It's like Michael Jordan. There's only so long you can keep winning them rings."
"You gotta move on and try something different," he continued. "I love to be on camera. I love performing. I love entertaining so movies is definitely the next step."

Hey, I certainly don't doubt the guy. He released a rap song about his abs, wrote a book and made an estimated $5 million last year through his show salary, endorsement deals and public appearances.

But one thing to keep in mind, when you tie a product to a person, you have to be careful. Look at the Tiger Wood situation.

And now The Situation didn't exactly put his best forward at Donald Trump's Roast. According to the NY Post, "Comedy Central writers who worked on Donald Trump's roast were so worried that Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino would mess up his jokes that they spelled House Speaker John Boehner's name phonetically on his autocue as "BAYNER" -- so the "Jersey Shore" star wouldn't say, "Boner." But Sorrentino was so bad that he became the first roaster in more than a decade to be drowned in a tidal wave of heckles and boos."

The article continued, "As the boos filled the Hammerstein Ballroom Wednesday night, Sorrentino whined, "This is my first time doing comedy!"

"And your last!" shouted comic Jeff Ross.

"Sorrentino inexplicably shared the dais with seasoned comics like Lisa Lampanelli, Whitney Cummings, rookie roasterAnthony Jeselnik, Marlee Matlin, and Larry King..."

Bottom line is, star on a hit show, even if it's only a stint, and you have at least your fifteen minutes to snatch up as much cash as you can. I'd use both hands. But to the companies doing the licensing, a little due diligence never hurts, and the long arm of fate can get in anyone's way.


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