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The Hairstyles All Men Will Want in 2011 - UK Net Guide

From the UK Net Guide:

Hairstyles come and go with the seasons but many survive the test of time and maintain popularity through celebrity endorsement and classic styles that never go out. Every year that passes, another hairstyle is born. Most men simply prefer a simple fade or buzz cut when they go to get their haircuts; however, styles are changing and more men are beginning to experiment and latch on to some of the newer trends that have been began to become popular. Several men’s hairstyle trends have made their ubiquitous appearances in 2011.

Here’s our guide to some of the hotter and more popular hairstyles of 2011.

The Caesar Cut
The hairstyle was named after a Roman General by the name of Julius Caesar, who wore his hair short and with a horizontally straight cut fringe. As popularized by American actors George Clooney and Sam Worthington, this hair-cut and its overall simple attributes, yet handsome look has inspired men everywhere to pursue this particular style.

Receding Hairline/Balding
As men age, so does their hair which often results in hair loss. Many people have viewed this in a negative light; however, the receding hairline look which is usually associated with baldness has actually become very popular in 2011 and many men are actually striving to purposefully achieve this hairstyle. Brendan Fraser and Nicholas Cage both created an impressive, dignified image when flaunting the hairstyle, and soon enough men everywhere began to pick up on the trend. It gives a man a sense of wisdom and dignity which can only come with age so rather than turning to hair loss treatments, men can embrace their new look with pride.
Layered Hair

The typical layered hairstyle focuses on terminating split-ends and getting a “non-bulky, messy, light weight” type look. This hairstyle has been largely popularised in the United Kingdom through actor Ben Barnes, and men everywhere have begun to request “layered” hair when asking for a trim.
The Crew/Butch/Buzz Cut

The crew cut, often referred to as the “buzz” cut, has remained popular for decades. The military requires men to have a crew cut, so men looking to achieve a “military” look often ask for a crew cut. Men also request this particular cut due to its simple, clean-cut, and professional look. It has been popularised in 2011 by actors such as Zac Efron, Jake Gyllenhaal, and more. Years pass, styles change, and new ones are continuously formed. It is all a part of history, and as we all know, history repeats itself and hairstyles either reappear, or die out. So quick, jump on a hairstyle while you can! Men’s hairstyles for 2011 are hotter than ever, and you don’t want to be left out.


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